Sled dogs are my very favourite topic. The reason is simple: We have a bunch of them and watching them grow, interact and run in a team is like watching an on-going soap opera on TV. All I really need to do is write the stories down. And that's how I started - writing and drawing cartoons about my daily life.

Sled Dog Diaries Cover
(okay, the book doesn't really exist, but I still had fun making up a cover)
This is the cabin where I drew the first 60 pages of my cartoon book.
I had just moved to Canada and strange noises scared me for a long time.

I always loved illustrated books. When I'm in a bookstore it doesn't take long and I'm in the children's book section. I dreamed of becoming a picture book illustrator and my cartoon drawings turned into watercolour paintings.

The illustrations below are from my picture book When the Trees Crackle with Cold: A Cree Calendar and are inspired by my friend Bernice's stories of growing up in a small northern community - just like the one I live in now. The book is available through or your bookstore.

Please contact me if you are interested in buying reproductions or original illustrations.