Thursday 14 June 2012


Life is an adventure, but it's only half as much fun if you don't share it with someone. So that's what I do: I spend a lot of time emerging myself in new adventures, preferably with Quincy (my husband) and Salty, Pepper, Silu, Lucy, Fuzzy, Snoopy, Happy, Cedric, Frank, Pompey and Tutu (no, not our children). Most times there's a canoe or dog sled involved, northern Canadian wilderness and about two or three million mosquitoes (luckily only in the summer.)
Then I spend even more time sorting pictures, writing and painting about my adventures (or I make up new ones.) Those - by the way - are often the best: I can wander the tundra without being eating by black flies and travel across the icy land without cold toes. Since I never really grew up, it's the children's stories that I enjoy writing and illustrating most of all; and since I love the North, my stories take place somewhere cold (unless there's a donkey involved)

Enjoy my pages and don't forget to buy a book or two.

Miriam Körner